Bencao, Chinese Medicine Herbs for the iPhone
iPhone or iPod touch with OS version 2.0 or higher
Windows Phone 7 with OS version 7.0 or higher

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Introducing Bencao

The definitive tool for Chinese Medicine herbalists, BenCao contains detailed information on all the commonly used herbs and classic formulas, utilizing a unique layout that is built with the clinician in mind.

Ben Cao (pronounced Ben Tsao) is suitable for all practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
For TCM doctors and physicians, BenCao provides quick access to specific symptoms or syndromes, helpful for making modifications or remembering an obscure function or indication.
For TCM students, BenCao help memorization with it's systematic approach and concise information, replacing heavy reference books and easier to get to the information you need.

Unique features:

✔ Hundreds of commonly used herbs and formulas, organized by Pinyin (Chinese pronunciation) with tone marks, pharmaceutical or English name.

✔ Fully linkable interface. Click any herb, formula, symptom or syndrome's name, category etc. to jump to the respective information screen. Use the back arrows to go all the way back. Click on a herb's image to view it at full screen.

✔ Hundreds of symptoms and dozens of TCM syndromes provide links to all indicated herbs and formulas, making it easy to treat according to Differential Diagnosis (DD).

✔ Save your personal notes on each herb or formula, displayed as an integral part of the information screen.

✔ Personalize you display of herbs and formulas according to your preference of Pinyin, English pharmaceutical or English name.

✔ Contains all the herbs and formulas required by the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam. Use the Settings screen to visually mark them and help you prepare for the exam.

New in version 1.1

✔ Quicly search for symptoms and syndromes.

✔ Compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 and later.