for i, Development Editor for the iPad
for i, Available on the App Store
Requires iPad with OS version 3.2 or greater

for i

The Code Editor for the iPad


  • Beautiful syntax highlighting for many languages.
  • Customize the look and feel with your favorite fonts and colors. Edit your themes and import/export (coming soon)
  • Transfer files to and from the app with a built in web server (requires a Wi-Fi network). Transfer a Zip archive and unzip it from the app.
  • Our keyboard provides useful often-used keys for easy access and quick typing. You can also use Apple's Keyboard dock or pair a bluetooth keyboard
  • The files are auto-saved for you. You can take snapshots of your files and revert back in any time.

Short Term Plans

for i is in version 1.0.2. We have many plans for the short and long-term future. Bear with us.
Code Completion - We dropped this essential feature right before launch due to some serious bugs. We consider it crucial to for i's success and we will have it back in no time.
Better Indentation Handling - right now we default to only parse tab characters. We'll have more options plus better language-dependant parsing (currently, only c-derivited languages have proper handling).
Symbol Selector - To allow you to navigate functions/symbols with ease.
Regular Expressions Search.

Long Term Plans

Ability to open XCode and Visual Studio projects, Git integration, import of TextMate bundles (without the shell commands, of course), building projects through distcc servers, MSDN and ADC documentation integration - they're all coming to for i.
Let us know about anything we forgot.